Helen Housby: The Unstoppable Netball Superstar

If you’re a fan of netball, you’re no stranger to the name Helen Housby. She’s one of the most talented and accomplished netball players in the world today. Born in England, Housby’s passion for netball started at a young age and has since turned her into a household name in the world of sports. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the life and achievements of Helen Housby.

Who is Helen Housby?

Helen Housby is an English professional netball player who currently plays as a goal attack for the New South Wales Swifts in the Suncorp Super Netball league in Australia. Housby was born on January 19, 1995, in Carlisle, Cumbria, England. Her love for netball started at a young age, and she began playing for the local club, Cumbria Netball Club, when she was just 10 years old. Housby’s talent was evident from a young age, and she quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the best netball players in England. She made her debut for the England national netball team in 2015 and has since become a key member of the squad.

Early Life and Career

Helen Housby was born and raised in Carlisle, Cumbria, England. She attended Trinity School, Carlisle, where she developed her love for netball. Housby began playing netball for Cumbria Netball Club when she was just 10 years old, and her talent quickly became apparent. Housby’s first major achievement came in 2011 when she was selected to represent England at the European Championships in Belfast. She was just 16 years old at the time, and her selection made her the youngest player ever to represent England at a major netball tournament. In 2013, Housby moved to Manchester to attend Manchester Metropolitan University, where she studied Sports Science. She joined the Manchester Thunder netball team and quickly established herself as a key player. In 2014, she helped the team win the Superleague title, and in 2015, she was named the Superleague Player of the Year.

Professional Career

Helen Housby’s professional netball career started in 2016 when she signed with the New South Wales Swifts in the Australian Netball League. She made an immediate impact, helping the team reach the semi-finals in her first season. In 2017, Housby played a pivotal role in helping England win their first-ever Commonwealth Games gold medal in netball. She scored the winning goal in the final seconds of the game, securing a historic victory for England. Housby continued to excel in the Suncorp Super Netball league, helping the New South Wales Swifts win the championship in 2019. She was named the MVP of the Grand Final and was also named the Player of the Match in the final game of the World Cup that same year.

Achievements and Awards

Helen Housby is one of the most decorated netball players in the world today. Her achievements and awards include:

  • Gold medal at the 2017 Commonwealth Games
  • Gold medal at the 2018 Fast5 Netball World Series
  • Gold medal at the 2019 Netball World Cup
  • Suncorp Super Netball championship in 2019
  • Superleague Player of the Year in 2015
  • MVP of the Grand Final in 2019

Playing Style and Skills

Helen Housby is known for her versatility and athleticism on the court. As a goal attack, she is responsible for scoring goals and creating opportunities for her teammates. She has a keen eye for the goal, and her accuracy and precision have earned her a reputation as one of the best shooters in the game.

Housby’s ability to read the game and make quick decisions is one of her biggest strengths. She has excellent spatial awareness and is always aware of her position on the court. This allows her to create space for herself and her teammates and to find gaps in the opposition’s defense. Housby is also a strong defender and is not afraid to get stuck in when it comes to intercepting passes and disrupting the opposition’s attack. Her speed and agility make her a difficult player to mark, and she often uses her quick footwork to get away from defenders and create scoring opportunities.

Off the Court

Off the court, Helen Housby is known for her dedication to the sport and her commitment to promoting netball. She is a role model to young players around the world and is always willing to give back to the sport that has given her so much. Housby is an ambassador for the NSPCC and works to promote child welfare and safety in sport. She is also an ambassador for the mental health charity Mind and has spoken publicly about her struggles with anxiety and depression. In addition to her charity work, Housby is also a keen advocate for gender equality in sport. She has spoken out about the need for equal pay and opportunities for female athletes and is a strong supporter of initiatives that promote gender equality.


Helen Housby is a netball superstar who has made a significant impact on the sport both in England and around the world. Her talent, dedication, and commitment to promoting netball have earned her a place as one of the most respected and admired athletes in the game today. Whether she’s scoring winning goals in the Commonwealth Games or helping her team to victory in the Suncorp Super Netball league, Housby’s skill and determination are undeniable. As she continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in netball, there’s no doubt that she will continue to inspire future generations of netball players around the world.

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